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Match Summary: HJK Helsinki 0-2 Liverpool

Sports - Football - Pre-Season Friendly - HJK Helsinki 0-2 Liverpool

Liverpool Goals: 27 Origi 73' & 10 Coutinho 78'.

HJK Helsinki Team: 1 Örlund (35 Sahlgren HT); 15 Peiponen (2 Lehtinen 85'), 6 Heikkila, 3 Boah (4 Ojala 58'), 11 Lampi (16 Moren HT); 13 Kolehmainen (91 Maissi 71'), 28 Schüler (26 Malola HT); 99 Kandji (8 Savage 80'), 10 Atom (20 Klinga HT), 22 Mandy (7 Lingman 71'); 18 Jallow (14 Havenger 71'). 4-2-3-1
Subs not used: Sauramea, 27 Sorsa, Alho, 80 Zemeli.

Liverpool Team: 22 Mignolet; 2 Clyne, 37 Skrtel, 6 Lovren, 12 Gomez (57 Maguire 81'); 14 Henderson, 10 Coutinho (68 Chirivella 81'), 7 Milner; 33 Ibe, 20 Lallana, 28 Ings (27 Origi 63'). 4-3-3
Subs not used: GK Fulton, 40 Kent, 60 Allan.

HJK Helsinki-Liverpool Match Stats: 1st & 2nd half
Attempts: 1-6 & 1-5
On target: 0-2 & 1-4
Offside: 0-2 & 0-0
Goal kicks: 5-1 & 4-0
Corners: 2-5 & 0-4
Throws: 9-9 & 1-3
Free kicks: 4-8 & 6-2
Bookings: 0-0

My ByTheMinLFC Tweets:
- Phil Coutinho starts & new man Allan Rodriguez De Souza is sub (line-ups)
- Hey everyone! Sonjahaha here to cover all the HJK Helsinki v Liverpool action, a couple of min left till kick-off... XxXxX
- And the home side have kicked off... Helsinki playing to the right, Liverpool to the left... Win a throw straight away...
2' Liverpool won the ball back straight away but don't do much with it, they give away another throw-in... 0-0
5' 1st free kick to Liverpool after Atom & Kolehmainen both take on Milner... Henderson ends that attack with a shot right into gk Örlund.
6' a couple of corners to the home side, no real threat though yet... Both sides still finding their way... 0-0
8' Coutinho takes 1st LFC corner short, deflected to another corner; Skrtel attempt ends in another corner; Ibe puts it out for a goal kick.
11' Helsinki with a promising build-up from the right, nr 15 Paiponen dpes well, but sees ball blocked away in the box, disappointing, 0-0
14' Ibe from right, gets denied well by the hosts' left-back, Liverpool keep the ball, press back from the left... Lallana shot into gk, 0-0
16' Ibe with a shot from the right this time, into the side-netting. More promising build-ups from the Reds... But still 0-0.
18' Lallana rolls the ball into keeper Örlund's gloves again, keeping him busy but not much challenged, 0-0
19' free kick to the Reds in their own half, near the mid-circle, not much else produced from it worth describing... 0-0
- Halfway through the half Helsinki can be happy with a lot of possession, Liverpool with more chances but not much close, 0-0.
24' Helsinki win a free kick just outside the mid-circle in Liverpool's half, again not much from it, more a comfy kick about here, 0-0
26' Ings a bit over-enthusiastic there, gives away a fk, but the Reds counter quickly, Ibe on the right again, brought down by Schüller, 0-0
28' Ings heads the free kick high, shame, 0-0
29' Very quiet ground, a bit of applause here & there, Helsinki give the ball away again after a longer comfy spell, 0-0
30' Milner sees promising ball deflected out for a throw-in, keeper Örlund ends with the ball, all too comfortable. Again. 0-0
31' Kandji all over Gomez, concedes a free kick, Coutinho takes the ball well to Milner whose shot is easy to collect for Örlund again. 0-0
33' Kandji brings down Lallana this time, closer to the box, Milner short to Henderson on the left, pass blocked, HJK did well there, 0-0
34' Gomez pressing from the left again, a bit of ping pong, LFC keep it, try to press, but end up giving it away, 0-0
35' ball doesn't stay long with Helsinki & their nr 11 Lampi gives away a free kick on the right again; Henderson back to Milner, shot...
-... deflected/blocked out for a goal-kick, still 0-0
37' Helsinki with a rare counter, don't last long, blocked back to LFC who come from preferred right again, Ings runs but sees it out, 0-0
39' Liverpool look the hungrier but not really dangerous, Helsinki comfortable & confident so far, 0-0
5min to go till the break, LFC with a throw-in on the right, Coutinho whit a shot from outside the box, deflected, corner, nice one, 0-0
- another LFC corner taken by Coutinho, blocked, Lallana pass from left, blocked, ball away, 0-0
- Last seconds, Coutinho wins a free kick against Heikkila but it's quickly lost in the boy & that's the HT whistle 0-0, fine, that's it.
- HJK v LFC HT 0-0 my stats: attempts: 1-6, on target 0-2, offside 0-2, throws 9-9, free kicks 4-8, corners 2-5, goalkicks 5-1; both too comfy
- Well then, here we go, Liverpool kick off the second half, unchanged, 3 changes for Helsinki I think I heard; 11 Lampi replaced by 16 'Moren...
- Helsinki 35 Sahlgren comes on for nr 1 keeper Örlund & I think I overheard 26 Malolo on for 28 Schüller... Lallana shot soft to gk, 0-0.
- Yep, just confirmed these three HT changes for Helsinki plus one more, 20 Klinga on for 10 Atom... See next retweet... Still 0-0 meanwhile...
52' Clyne wins free kick for LFC near the centre circle, ends nowhere, goal kick, still quiet 0-0, Helsinki keep the ball, back kickabout
54' LFC & Ibe stubborn from the right, not letting Helsinki go, that's for sure, but not getting close atm, 0-0 & home side get ball back
56' and that was the first ball Mignolet had to collect!!! And he didn't muck it up! #relief 0-0
57' LFC corner to Lallana who whacks the ball towards goal but just high, corner from it, not much... Another corner eventually... 0-0
58' another change for Helsinki nr 15 (no name shown in French TV) replaces nr 3 Boah & a couple of minutes later another chance goes...
... begging for Liverpool, Coutinho I think the man looking most frustrated at the moment... Next to Ibe... And Lallana... And LFC, 0-0
63' first sub for Liverpool nr 27 Origi replacing 28 Ings, see if that'll break the deadlock! He gives away a free kick straight away, 0-0
- Hahaha, French telly just replaying all the frustrated faces & reactions by the players, definitely fits the general feeling! 0-0
66' and first time the French commentators get loud Lallanaaaa strong shot just about gloved out for a corner by Sahlgren, close one, 0-0
67' Liverpool corner comes to nothing, Helsinki win a free kick, comes to nothing, mirroring the whole match = nothing 0-0
70' Ibe pressing and pressing again, wins a corner, he's the only light I have seen today in this dark, trist display; corner, away, 0-0
- Looks like Ojala was the last sub on nr 4 not 15 whilst Helsinki make more changes... Check next retweet... Just under 20min to go... GOAL!
- Liverpool take the lead, nice advance by Ibe from the right again, ball ends at sub Origi's feet, who makes no mistake, 0-1 to the Reds!
- There ye go! My retweets confirm the last Helsinki substitutions & Liverpool's goal, all in Finnish! AAAAAND GOAOAOALLLL! 0-2!!!!!
- Coutinho's right foot doubles the lead for the Reds after a nice one-two build-up off a Lallana corner. Finally they've woken (us) up! 0-2
80' And another Helsinki change (I've lost count): 8 Savage on for 99 Kandji; and a couple of Liverpool changes coming up...
81' 57 Maguire & 68 Chirivella come on for 12 Gomez & 10 Coutinho & replacing two happier players with that! 0-2
- Helsinki change, 2 Lehtinen replaces 15 Peiponen; the right nr 15 this time... I know, exactly what you thought! 0-2 with 5ish min to go
- Liverpool kicking the ball around comfortably now, now they can, couple min to go, 2-0 up thank to sub Origi & Coutinho, feel better now!
90' another promising free kick for Liverpool, skipper Henderson takes it, low smacker just wide, keeper went for it, still 0-2, 3min added.
- can see the Liverpool fans singing loud, not much sound on the French channel though... And that's FT 0-2
- Liverpool win a frustrating match, 0-2 in Helsinki, tanks to Origi 73rd & Coutinho 78th min, waking up an otherwise quite dull game.
- HJK v LFC FT 0-2 stats: attempts: 2-11, on target 1-6, offside 0-2, throws 10-12, free kicks 10-10, corners 2-9, goal kicks 9-1.
- So, LFC's stubbornness more than quality paid off & they leave Helsinki 0-2 victors. That's all from me Sonjahaha, till next time #YNWA XxXxX

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