Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Premier League Tops and Flops

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Top game: The obvious picks would be Liverpool's sorry defeat against Fulham, Arsenal's thrashing of Tottenham and Chelsea's show time win at the Reebok Stadium - but Portsmouth's crucial and convincing 4-0 win against an eratic Wigan will have a massive and the biggest impact on a side that has been cursed and given up on by most.

Top team: Birmingham were brilliant allround, in attack and defence, so too Fulham. And have Portsmouth risen from the dead with their win, or was it just a one-off? I hope not, it was great to watch.

Top player: Aruna Dindane's hat-trick and Shay Given's saves made both of them the most crucial players for their sides - the prior giving Portsmouth the win and three much-needed points; the latter making save after save, sparing Manchester City from defeat and saving a point for them.

Top goal: Nicolas Anelka, Deco and Didier Drogba co-starred in Chelsea's fourth goal. They made it look like a show time choreography, well rehearsed and put on stage, showing up Bolton how deluded they were of their hopes and chances against the show makers.

Flop game: Everton against Aston Villa was the dullest of all games, but still had two goals and two red cards in it. That indicates a lot to how highly-pitched the Premier League is.

Flop team: It was a day, week and month to forget for Liverpool - the confident win against Manchester United has been the only exception, but seemed far far away, on a different planet with this display. Tottenham were just as disappointing when you expected the upmost against their local rivals.

Flop player: Drogba was once again the drama queen of the game. A top quality, world-class player like him should not be in need of such poor and childish actions to take advantage of the opposition. It is just sad to watch divers and whiners and it is even sadder he is not the only one and that they all represent their team, the league, the sport. They should be more aware of the responsibility.

Flop goal: Why was Nikola Kalinic's goal not given for Blackburn?! It was nowhere near offside as replays showed! It would have been his first goal for the side, not that it would have made much of a difference to the result as Manchester United rode the show and deserved the win.

Flop referees: The weekend saw a record of nine red cards! There were a lot of iffy decisions amongst them, the referees did everything else but hold back, giving the impression they had it in for the whole Premier League lot!

My Predictions - Actual Results
Arsenal 4:3 Tottenham - 3:0
Bolton 2:2 Chelsea - 0:4
Burnley 2:1 Hull City - 2:0
Everton 2:1 Aston Villa - 1:1
Fulham 0:2 Liverpool - 3:1
Man Utd 4:1 Blackburn - 2:0
Portsmouth 2:1 Wigan - 4:0
Stoke 2:1 Wolves - 2:2
Sunderland 4:2 West Ham - 2:2
Birmingham 1:1 Man City - 0:0
West Ham 2:1 Aston Villa - 2:1

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