Friday, 29 May 2009

Andy Gray again...

Sports - Football - UEFA Champions League Final

I find it weird, more funny, that every time Man Utd get outplayed and well-beaten, they just say they did not turn up. THAT IS NO EXCUSE! Every loser could say that!

Ok, they got the goals and points in the league when it mattered most and were crowned champions deservedly despite their four defeats. But to talk a defeat like this away by saying they just did not turn up and Barcelona are not as good as they are lauded, is a joke! Barcelona have scored over 100 goals this season, have also won their league and league cup, so, have done the treble - hm, how much and many times has Utd 1999 been hailed?! How hypocritical is that?!

So, Andy Gray, can you please take your Utd-red-tinted glasses off and just see who was the better team on the night and is the better team, no excuses, please.

Congratulations Barca.

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