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Week 3: Premier League Tops and Flops

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Manchester highs, London lows, goals galore, penalties missed, ... Just loads to choose from this weekend gone, unbelievable scores, scenes, action, teams, players and goals! That is the Premier League at its most shocking best!!!

Manchester United 8-2 Arsenal
Top game: All Manchester, 16 goals in their two games, 13 goals between the two Mancunian rivals on the day, both topping the Premier League table, United just beating City to the top by one goal more in their goal difference. Mark the 23rd October in your football diary - the first Manchester derby of the season! What are the odds on a 0-0 in that match, I wonder?

Liverpool celebrate at Anfield

Top team: All Manchester again, both sides riding high over everyone at the moment, although Liverpool would want a shout here too with a beautiful display and strong play in their 3-1 win against Bolton. Luis Suarez was crucial and controversial as always, the ref did well though and kept control.

Ashley Young (left), Rooney, and Nani

Top player: Scoring the first City hat-trick since 1962, Edin Dzeko is on fire fire fire! Wayne Rooney scored his 102nd United league goal, top notch Premier League record for United, to make it 4:1 against Arsenal. The former Evertonian then completed his 6th career hat-trick with a penalty to make it 7:2, his 151st for the club overtaking Ruud van Nistelrooy and Paul Scholes in the process! And that still wasn't the end of that game!!!

Chelsea celebrate their opening goal against Norwich

Top goal: Jose Bosingwa's bullett against Norwich to make it 1-0 to Chelsea,was a brilliant strike from outside the box, over 20m away! Grant Holt's equaliser was a cheeky breathtaker too, with his back to the goal, hurling it over the keeper, although it came from Chelsea nr 3 Ashley Cole's mistake/backpass, stunning play.

Top news: Transfer madness to end the transfer window! Arsenal finally having a shout, too, very late on...

Joey Barton (left) watches QPR

Flop game: There was not much happening at Villa Park, 0-0 and yawns against Wolves. It just wasn't meant to be at Swansea, 0-0, Sunderland were saved by woodwork though. Swansea were good up front but showed too many gaps at the back, to be punished against stronger side unless they learn and tighten up. QPR will be wondering what they are doing wrong after hitting the bar three times and still going home without any points! There was very little in the game, mm and a little bit of luck the difference between them.

Peter Crouch on the ground

Flop team: Tottenham once again, showed a strong start, but didn't take their chances, ended up falling to pieces against a strong attack and were thrashed for all their (lack of) effort. The Gunners certainly got their gobs smacked! Another missed penalty for Robin van Persie v David De Gea for Ashley Young to make it 2:0 seconds later with a stunner... But no one could have foreseen the downfall and whipping, hitting, thrashing torture that followed! Unbelievable!

Didier Drogba collides with John Ruddy

Flop player: When Didier Drogba was knocked out cold, the players showed good reaction, character and attitude, the Norwich keeper John Ruddy especially, he could have just ignored it but realised straight away how serious it was! Respect. But then: Ruddy got himself sent off for felling Ramires in the box, shame but good refereeing after everything, contact was made, risky tackle. Frank Lampard was relieved to net it too, bang straight down the middle. With 11 minutes added time, the third goal came in the 11th minute, good refereeing all round I would say after the Drogba delay. Don't know what the Norwich manager Lambert was on about...

Mikel Arteta

Flop goal: Missed penalties! It was just not meant to be for Blackburn, missing two of them!!! Then a penalty came for Everton, after Chris Samba jumped onto and over Marouane Fellaini, caught him in a sandwich, Mikel Arteta showed Blackburn how it's done and netted the spot kick easy, 0-1, on 90+2! Cruel, cruel, cruel! Of 9 penalties so far this season, 6 have been missed! I think all penalties were correct according to the rule book, harsh but right! (This was before the flood of goals on Sunday, I may note- Rooney netting one penalty and van Persie missing his one makes it 7 misses out of 12 penalties in total so far this season, if I haven't missed anything that is... :-P)

Flop news: Man City's chief executive Garry Cook's resignation over mocking email - rightly so, heartless b....... 

My predictions - Actual results
Aston Villa 1:1 Wolves - 0:0
Blackburn 1:2 Everton - 0:1
Chelsea 2:1 Norwich - 3:1
Swansea 0:0 Sunderland - 0:0
Wigan 0:1 QPR - 2:0
Liverpool 3:0 Bolton - 3:1
Newcastle 2:0 Fulham - 2:1
Tottenham 2:3 Man City - 1:5
West Brom 1:2 Stoke - 0:1
Man Utd 3:1 Arsenal - 8:2

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